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Why get a webpage ? ?


For starters, you'll have a business that never closes. When you have a website, it's like having a business that is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. That gives you an advantage over your competition, who are not on the Internet..

The World Wide Web provides incredible opportunities to get information out to a wide range of people, and as you are no doubt aware, it also is a great place to sell goods and services. Perhaps you just want to tell a story, such as describing your products or providing information about your organization or charity. Printing brochures and keeping those brochures up to date can be an expensive proposition. However, if you put that information on a Web page, you can update as often as necessary. Likewise, if you want to join the world of "e-commerce" you can use your Web page to present information about your products or services, and enable customers to buy them online.